Thursday, February 26, 2015

Trip to Servia, Western Macedonia

At the end of January, we made a trip to Servia to meet some friends from Florina (as a halfway point). It is an ancient city that served as the passageway between Macedonia and Thessaly, and through which passed Alexander the Great and the Apostle Paul.

We visited the town's acropolis, which included several churches, including these ruins of a 7th century basilica dedicated to St Demetrios.

The ruins are exposed and unguarded and, unfortunately, have been suffered from graffiti over the years, some of it obviously recent.

Although the weather wasn't clear, there was still a remarkable view over the city and surrounding region.

We also explored the ruins of the castle, where we found a tiny chapel. Here we crossed a wooden plank to go see the chapel, which still had the altar intact.

A view from part of the castle ruins.

Perched on top of this craggy rock is what they call the Monastery of Sts. Theodore. In its current form, it is little more than a small chapel, next to which appears to have been the acropolis' cistern. It's hard to imagine how it was a full-fledged monastery, but it retains that designation.

Outside the western entrance door to the chapel.

Another small chapel, dedicated to the Holy Unmercenaries. We ate with our friends at a good restaurant right across from this chapel.

In the restaurant, they had this rendering of what the acropolis once looked like.

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