Friday, February 20, 2015

Snowing in the New Year

Contrary to popular belief, it does snow in Greece. Not often, but it does snow. This is our 9th winter in Greece and this is the first time we had any real snow that stuck. This snow storm hit on New Year's Eve and left about 40-50 cm here in Portaria. Down in Volos, surprisingly, it was actually worse, leaving about 80 cm. Because this area is not accustomed to snow, most things grind to a halt. In the whole metropolis, I think only the central church downtown had Liturgy on January 1. Although Portaria's central road was cleared rather quickly, it took days to open up the cobblestone paths leading to our house.

Meanwhile, the kids enjoyed the snow. Above is a photo from the front door of our house, looking at the southern side of the church.

Playing in the snow on the trampoline.

Benny sliding down stairs.

Benny went for a walk with me to the cars to see what state they were in.

Phoebe in front of the house.

Paul in the church courtyard. Normally you could see Volos and the water behind him.

On the hill below our house, we tried to fashion a sled run, but I don't think it was steep enough.

Damiani eating an icicle that formed on the roof of our house.

The kids made snowmen with their friends. The sky cleared and you can again see Volos and the water below. 

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