Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Santa's Village/Christmas Fair in Volos

Just before Christmas, I took the triplets to Volos' Santa's Fair/Christmas Fair. It's a pretty small affair that only began in recent years (from what I understand), but they're trying to grow it. It's basically a carnival/fair that happens to have a house where kids can get their picture taken with Santa/St. Basil. 

The first stop was the ice skating rink, but only Paul would do it. We were there early before anyone else, so one of the rink's workers helped Paul.

The big hit, though, was the super-trampolines, which the boys did. Again, we were there early, so the guy let them have a really long turn and did all kinds of tricks with them.

Here's Paul doing a flip.

And here's Benny getting up really high.

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