Monday, February 16, 2015

Trip to Santa's Village in Trikala

Just before Christmas, we went back to the Christmas village in Trikala, which is considered the best in Greece. Here's the post from our trip last year.

We began with face painting.

We then stopped at the Playmobil exhibit, where the kids could play with the toys on display. Phoebe really connected with Santa's "elves."

The village is located at an abandoned mill along a river, a picturesque location.

We then took turns at bumper cars. Here Pelagia and Phoebe are getting ready for collision.

All the kids together.

And here they are visiting Santa/St. Vasilios.

Damiani is at a stage where she LOVES animals, so she was really excited to meet some lambs.

One of the highlights of the trip -- cotton candy, which, in Greek, is called "hair of the old lady."

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