Monday, February 09, 2015

Bike Ride in December on the Volos Waterfront

I returned from the cold of St. Petersburg to a sunny Volos. The next day we headed down to the city's waterfront to enjoy the weather. Here we are on the water in front of the University of Thessaly.

Here are the kids riding their bikes along the pedestrian waterfront. In this photo, you can see the waterfront Church of Sts. Constantine and Helen in the background.

Then we stopped at one of the kids' favorite playgrounds/cafes, which even has a blow-up castle.

Bike racing in the circle "track" at the cafe.

The triplets look out for Dami when she plays up in the playground equipment.

Pelagia swinging with Phoebe, Dami, and Paul.

Here they are drawing an interesting design in the playground sand.

Dami doing a push-up.

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