Saturday, April 25, 2015

Trip to the Athens Zoo

Christ is risen!

After Pascha, while the kids were off of school, we took a trip southward for our first trip into the Peloponese. 

To break up the long trip, we stopped at the Athens Zoo. Since it was lunch time when we arrived, we first went to a nearby restaurant that we visited the last time we went to the zoo. It's perfect for kids, since the second floor is an indoor playground for kids.

Then we spent most of the afternoon in the zoo. My favorite spot is the enclosed lemur area, where you can interact with the frisky lemurs. Here the kids are observing the lemurs over in the grass.

But then the lemurs got closer, climbing on the tree branches above our heads. Here's Phoebe petting one's tail.

If you're lucky, you can even get them to come to you. Here's one on Pres. Pelagia's shoulders.

Here we are visiting the bears after an ice cream break.

And here we are outside the reptile house.

One of the last stops was an area with farm animals, where the kids can interact with the animals and feed them.

And, finally, here's Damiani trying to talk with a wallaby. She loves animals, and so was particularly delighted with the zoo.

For more photos, click here.