Friday, February 13, 2015

Christmas Show

Just before Christmas, Portaria's kindergarten of 12 (25% of which are ours!) put on its Christmas show, featuring songs, dance, and an appearance by Santa/St. Basil. Above is a sample video from the  show, which features the Greek version of Little Drummer Boy. (The kids at the school gave me a pre-show performance the previous week, when I was invited to come speak to the kids about my trip to Bethlehem and the meaning of Christ's Nativity.)

Above you can see the kids dancing with their teachers.

And here they are singing a song.

And here was the school's Christmas wish list, posted outside the door to the school, in which each kid stated what he wanted St. Basil to bring him. Paul, in the top slot, wanted "a red and gold Transformer with a gold-colored weapon." Phoebe, in the third slot, wanted: "A doll that can be both a person and a mermaid, and also a doll house." Finally, Benny, in the fifth slot, wanted: "An Anakin Skywalker figure, holding a light saber."

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