Monday, June 22, 2009

Pentecost in Panorama

I realize this pales in comparison to baby news, but a friend just sent me these photographs from Pentecost Sunday two weeks ago, and I thought I would post them here. We truly had a Pentecost that Sunday -- in addition to the regular parish priests Frs. Alexios and Panayiotis (see immediately below), who are Greeks, we had Hieromonk Lazar from Martinique (in top photo with me) and Hieromonk Silas from Costa Rica (at far left in top photo). Both are under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and are missionaries in their respective countries. Fr. Silas is actually a monk of Vatopedi Monastery on Mt. Athos who now serves as the only Orthodox priest for 6 countries in Central America.

Continuing the international trend, in the photo immediately above, to the left, you have Christopher, an Orthodox convert from Haiti who is also studying theology here at the university in Thessaloniki.

It was fitting that we should all be together on Pentecost, having Spanish, French, English, and Greek.

These photos were taken after the Liturgy at the house of some friends here in Panorama.

As for baby news, the update is that the babies are doing well, except for the little girl (Phoebe) may have an infection. They have started her on antibiotics in hopes of catching it early.

Pelagia is expected to come home from the hospital (finally) tomorrow, with one or two of the babies possibly coming home as early as the end of this week. Please keep praying for us!

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yudikris said...

This is very great and unique story to tell! Thanks. Congratulations for the newborn babies!! :). Btw, the word 'Panorama' is also precisely used (borrowed)in Indonesian language to describe a beautiful view or beatiful place, and what does it mean in greek, Father?