Monday, June 15, 2009


Early last week my mom and I walked over to Villa Luna, the cafe/restaurant with the great view near our house. We had a blended fruit mix and enjoyed the sunset over Thessaloniki, as you can see above.

On Thursday, my "other" mom, Pelagia's mom, Presvytera Sophia, arrived after an extremely long trip from the West Coast of the US. After a quick lunch, we took her down to see Pelagia during the visiting hours from 4:00-6:00. Amazingly, she stayed awake the whole time, although you can see her fading in Pelagia's hospital room in the photo at bottom. :)

The photo immediately below is of Pelagia playing hookie from her room and hanging out down in the hospital cafe, which has to be one of the least attractive cafes of all time. It's always interesting to see someone dragging their IV behind them into the cafe.

12-13 June 2009 Mom and Kh. Sophia

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