Monday, June 15, 2009

The Market

On Friday, the moms and I had an adventure in the center of Thessaloniki. We went down to the university, where I dropped off some books at the library, and then walked across town to Aristotle Square, where the market is buzzing. On the way, we stopped at the Church of Panagia Dexia and venerated the wonder-working icon of the Panagia there, and then went on to see my spiritual father, Fr. Spyridon, at the Church of Panagia Ahiropoiitou, the enormous basilica church built in 450 AD. The photo at top is of the moms outside the entrance to that church. As you can see, it's situated significantly underground the modern street level.

Finally, we made it to the market, which began with a colorful tour of the fish market section, as you can see in the photos immediately above and below. We ended in the clothing and fabrics section of the market, as you can see at bottom.

Quite tired by this point, we then met my friend Philip Navarro and an American pilgrim passing through, Herman, for lunch near the Church of St. George (Rotunda). We had a very nice, traditional Greek meal, and then headed off to visit Pelagia during visiting hours.

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