Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Holding the Babies!

Well, the two boys were taken out of the incubators and moved into open cribs. Benjamin (our second boy) moved yesterday, and we got to hold him for the first time then. Paul (our first boy) moved in today. In the top photo, Pelagia is holding Paul for the first time. In the photo immediately above, she is holding both boys together for the first time. Paul is at left and Benjamin at right.

Below it's my turn to hold my two sons -- again Paul at left and Benjamin at right. At very bottom is our daughter, Phoebe, who is still in the incubator. She seems to have had a slight infection, which fortunately the doctors caught very early, and she's on the mend now.

As for their names, these are tentative. In Greece, babies are generally not named until they are baptized. Even in official government documents, they are identified as "Unbaptized baby boy/girl Edwards" until they are baptized and become true "persons" as members of Christ's Church.

Nevertheless, after getting to know them a little, we're thinking that they will probably be baptized as (in order): Paul (celebrates June 29), Benjamin (celebrates October 13), and Phoebe (celebrates September 3).

Saints of God, pray for us!


Michael said...

The babies are beautiful. You both are so fortunate. Many Years!

yudikris said...

I agree, Michael. The photos are so lovely and I can see the radiant joy everywhere in this posting!! :) Many years!