Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lunch at the Beach

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Well, today, my mom got the afternoon off work. For one of the few times since she's been here, she got to do something else besides work around the house and visit Pelagia in the hospital. It was a beautiful, sunny day, with a high around 80, so we invited our neighbors James and Ann Lillie to go with us to the beach for lunch (to Nea Kallikrateia in Halkidiki, to be exact -- see map above). We had a nice, traditional Greek meal, then walked to a cafe next door and had a coffee on the beach before heading back home.

Ann was the only one to test the waters, so to speak, as you can see from the photo above. The rest of us just enjoyed the smell and sounds of the ocean and the nice breeze. In the photo immediately below, you can see my mom and some of the remnants of our lunch. At bottom, you can see where we were sitting. The Greeks really know how to live!

At the very top is a photo from a few days ago of my mom watching sunset falling on Thessaloniki from our balcony.

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