Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Benjamin Comes Home!

Another day, another surprise -- the hospital called us this morning and said we could pick up Benjamin today.

The photos above were taken just outside the entrance to the Pediatric Wing as we emerged with Benjamin. In the background, located on the hospital grounds, just next the Pediatric Wing, you can see a church, dedicated to St. Panteleimon. (It's nice to live in Greece!)

Below are of Benjamin's arrival in the house today. Pres. Sophia had stayed behind with Paul, and she was carrying him around when we arrived (see below).

The second photo below is of Yiayia holding Benjamin for the first time.

At bottom is of the two boys sleeping together for the first time.

Now we're just waiting for Phoebe! I suspect she may be another 2 weeks or so. We'll see. Please pray for her -- and all of us!


The Knight Family said...


I hope you remember me, Naomi Labrecque from Alaska?? I found your blog through Aurelia's and your babies are incredibly adorable! Congratulations! My family just moved to Spokane, and we are going to your sisters church; small world huh? Well, I wish you and your family the best!

yudikris said...

Very lovely :) We're praying for Phoebe. Many years!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying seeing the pictures and anxiously awaiting my turn to come visit!

Love you all,
Grandma Joyce