Sunday, March 25, 2007

Modern Edessa

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The modern city of Edessa is rather small, and ‘quaint’ would be an apt description. Parts of it, near the waterfalls, are very touristy, but other parts have a nice, old-town feel.

The top photo is of the city’s outdoor theater, which is very popular here in Greece during the summer. Each town has its own municipal outdoor movie theater.

The middle photo is of an alley we wandered down, which – despite its look – is still very active. In fact, we walked by a fisherman cleaning his net outside his house. Some of the buildings are, obviously, in disrepair, and are only inhabited by stray cats (one of which you see coming out the door to greet us).

Along this alley we ran into a very – well, quaint – bed & breakfast. A lady from our group, a Finn working currently as a tour guide in Estonia, was just coming out as we walked by, and she recommended we go inside for a look. It was very nice – it would be a great place to stay! The setting was so nice that we had (what else?) the obligatory mid-afternoon coffee up on the second-floor balcony of the B&B. The bottom photo is of Pelagia slicing in to a traditional sweet (from the Ottomans, I believe). They take various ripe fruits and soak them in a jar of sugar for a few months, and it then makes for an inexpensive way to fulfill your cultural duty to offer visitors some treat when they arrive. Here, Pelagia is cutting into a persimmon.

Anyway, sorry for making so many posts at once, but I actually had some time now. Again, for all the photos from Pella and Edessa, click here.

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Char said...

You guys have taken some great pictures. I have been checking out all your postings.