Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sunday Morning in Lakkia

On Sunday morning, we went with Emmanuelle and Iren to the little village of Lakkia, about 20 minutes further outside of the city. We went to the village parish, St. Dimitrios (see photos). Afterwards, they had a sort of coffee hour (as we're accustomed to in the US) and we got to meet some very nice people. The parish had a real family atmosphere that we haven't found in many of the city parishes.
We also met the priest, Fr. Nicholas, who went to periodontal school in the US, and is married to an American woman. He was very happy to meet us, and his English is, of course, excellent. He said that his wife has been complaining that he hasn't found any Americans to bring home. I told him we'd be glad to help! ( :

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