Sunday, March 25, 2007

This Week in Thessaloniki

Well, Elise left on Wednesday, and in the afternoon, Pelagia and I had coffee with Brendan (see top photo). I took a picture because, in the background, you will notice a parade of students marching down Egnatia, the city’s main thoroughfare, once again blocking up traffic and generally causing trouble.

On Thursday and Friday mornings, Pelagia went to help the Karchers move. They are heading back to California on Tuesday, after 5 years here.

In the second photo, their middle daughter, Melanie, is hamming it up for the camera and hugging her favorite bear.

In the bottom photo, Pelagia caught the whole moving crew. From left to right, it’s the oldest Karcher daughter, Anna, followed by Eva Karcher and their youngest, Maria. On the floor in the back is Marina with baby Emilia; Brendan is standing; and then Daniel, another American here studying theology, is taking a break and apparently catching up on his text messages (a very popular past time here in Europe).

Like vultures, all the other Americans were eager to ‘help’ the Karchers move out by taking various items that they were leaving here in Greece. The rest was moved out and is being shipped on a slow boat to America. They were successfully moved out by Friday, and they’re now staying at another American couple’s house until their flight out on Tuesday. They will be missed!

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