Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sunday of Orthodoxy

Elise was in town for about a week before she headed off to Athens, so on Saturday evening we all went downtown to introduce her to some of our friends here.

Darius and Christina volunteered to cook dinner, while the rest of us just sat around and talked. (Pretty good deal, huh?!)

The top photo is from that evening.

On Sunday morning, we went to the monastery here in Panorama, Kimisseos (our usual place to go to church now). At the end of Liturgy, the nuns made a procession around the church with their icons. (See the bottom two photos.)

In Greece, this service is done at the end of the morning Liturgy, not at Vespers as is common in the US. See this article for some more information on the Sunday of Orthodoxy.

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Pres. Irene Supica said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, and for the information on the good works of the nuns at Ormylia. In the parishes I've been in in the Greek Archdiocese in America, we do the procession with the icons after the Divine Liturgy, and also at the evening vespers service with other parishes. I asked about the practice of getting together with other Orthodox for a common celebration on a chant group board, and it seems that at least in Australia and the UK, they do the same. Interesting...
--Pres. Irene