Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another Sunday Morning At Kimisseos

All I have for you today is more photos from our favorite monastery here in little ol’ Panorama, Kimisseos (Dormition), which I took this morning.

The top photo is taken from just outside the katholikon, looking through the ‘bells’ onto some of the nuns’ cells.

The middle photo is taken from about the center of the monastery.

The bottom photo is of an avli (courtyard) also around the center of the monastery.

After church, we stayed for about an hour to walk around, have coffee and visit with some friends.

Elise arrived back from her adventures about 30 minutes ago, around 1 pm. She spent quite a few days on the island of Corfu before taking a very long (and quite adventurous) ferry ride to Venice. Then she headed back here, passing through Patras, Corinth, and Athens.

She heads back to the States Tuesday morning. We then have a new guest from the US, Patricia, arriving around 2 am Friday morning.

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