Friday, August 25, 2006

More on the Ruins

As we were exploring the palace ruins, we came across this little "gataki" (Greek for kitten). He was so cute that we wanted to take him home, but he went hiding (with the other 100 cats). At bottom, you can see an example of the concern for historical detail and accuracy that you will find in the explanations at these sites.

We went down to Thessaloniki today (Friday) to do some paperwork at the Theology School, and also to visit the Jewish Museum, which was very interesting. It's near where they think the synagogue was that St. Paul preached in "for three Saturdays" around 50 AD.


RM said...

The lavatory is like a throne! Not much privacy. But no flushing.

Greta said...

Wow...these pictures are amazing! If you're still looking for a photo sharing service, you could sign up for a flickr account at I hope you find a way to show lots of people these pictures! Nice blog, too.