Wednesday, August 02, 2006

All for now

Well, we've been in this internet cafe for quite awhile now. We're looking into getting DSL for our place, but it's not a quick process. As our neighbor from Britain said last night (he's lived here 33 years) : "Greece is not a can-do society. Nothing happens quickly."

I set up a account to share more of our photos. There are 31 on there now, and you can even order prints right there for 12 cents each. I didn't realize, however, that I have to send you an email invitation to view them. I sent this invitation to as many emails as I could remember. If you want to get in to browse more photos, write me back and I will send you the invitation when I get a chance.

Our phone, at any rate, is working. Please call! We'd love to hear from you! The number I emailed previously is slightly incorrect. I forgot the "country code"number. You must dial (from the US): 011-30-2310-341-410. Answering machines, our neighbor says, are considered "high technology" here, and people just don't have them. We are going to try to get one, when we can.

We have this phone card, and it seems to be the cheapest. No monthly fee, and only 6.8 cents per minute: Click the link to the right on the blog to check the time here.

Keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

The Pictures look great, glad you made it there safe and sound, glory to god. We wish we were there with you.


Anonymous said...

Very Cute Apartment!! It is fun to see your pictures I am going to show them to the kids.

Love ya all
The Durka's

rmbasa said...

Nice pad! Do you have a solarium and another solarium? Love RM

Anonymous said...

Hey I sent an email to and it came back undeliverable.

Let us know what is wrong with it


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the website. I will visit with you over the website.

Michael Durka

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you are doing ok. I love you both so much.

Mary Kate