Thursday, August 17, 2006

Going For a Walk

Pelagia and I decided to go for an adventure on Wednesday and hike to Thermi. Thermi is a bigger town near Panorama (but not all the way into Thessaloniki), and we heard they had a store called Praktiker, a German version of Home Depot, sort of. Of course, Pelagia is eager to get lots of home improvement stuff. The longer we stay at the apartment, the more little things we are noticing that are broken/run-down. That's why the rent was so reasonable for such a big apartment! Pelagia loves it, though. I just wish we had a budget for fixing up the place. We've heard the landlord does nothing. We're going to ask if maybe she'll reimburse for some materials, but it's not likely.

Anyway, we set off on this hike in the afternoon (sort of foolish, because people usually rest from 2-4ish because it is SO hot), but someone told us it was only 3-4 km away. Well, it ended up being at least 10, and 2 hours later we were there. It was good exercise, anyway, and the store was great. We got a few things we needed, including a power adaptor for a phone that Lepa gave us in Serbia. Now we have an answering machine! Call away!!

Above is a picture I took just as we left our apartment. Our apartment is on pretty much the highest point in the area, so this is an overview of our town of Panorama. I'll get a picture of the overview we have also of Thessaloniki and the sea (not right from our apartment, remember it's cheap, but the view from next door). In this picture, you can see our church -- Agios Georgios (St George) -- right in the center. In the upper left corner is the monastery we went to on Tuesday -- Kimisseos tis Theotokou (Dormition of the Theotokos).

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