Monday, August 07, 2006


I think one of the biggest selling points for coming to Greece for Pelagia was the presence of our very own Ikea in Thessaloniki. So Friday we ventured down into the city. Our friend Dimitris gave us a ride down to the city, and we walked around. Then we took a bus over to Ikea, where Pelagia is happy to report that she found some great deals.

Pelagia's shopping frenzy ran long, so we were still on the bus back to home when Paraklesis was starting at 6:30. We heard the bells for one of the many churches ringing, so we just hopped out of the bus and went to church! How nice! Of course, we were carrying a bunch of stuff for the apt from Ikea, so it was bit difficult to wade our way out of the bus. I managed to hop out, and I looked back to see Pelagia's face pressed against the plexiglass doors and the bus driving away. Fortunately, the next bus stop was close! ( :

Thessaloniki is nice, but it's definitely a big city. We are VERY happy with our choice to stay out in the smaller little town of Panorama and just commute in. Panorama has a very friendly, small town feel

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rmbasa said...

I really like Ikea! Cool stuff. RM