Thursday, November 25, 2010

St. Catherine's on Sinai Here in Thessaloniki

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US! Here in Greece, of course, they don't celebrate, but today the Church celebrated St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Together with our friend Angela, a convert from Scotland, and Margarita, a convert from Columbia (South America, not South Carolina), we went to a new monastery dedicated to St. Catherine in nearby Thermi. This monastery, which is still under construction, is a dependency or metohi of the famous St. Catherine's Monastery on Sinai in modern-day Egypt.

In the photo above, Angela and her daughter Myrna are helping Pelagia feed the babies some kolvya in the church just after the end of the Liturgy.

The inside of the church. As you can see, it's not nearly finished yet. For the moment, they only hold Liturgy here once a year, on the feast day of St. Catherine. The monastery is being funded, at least in part, by a lay organization called "The Friends of St. Catherine's Monastery."

Above and below, Myrna is playing on the church steps with Phoebe. Above, you can see they've poured the concrete skeleton for the buildings around a central courtyard next to the church.

The faithful were treated to juice and chocolates to celebrate the church's feast. The babies really enjoyed this. Above and below, you can see that Paul is very interested in his chocolate.

The emerging monastery.

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