Sunday, November 07, 2010

More Photos from Our Feast

Here are a few more photos from our feast on Tuesday and Wednesday, courtesy of my friend Paris. Above is a photo of the box of relics that we borrowed from the Monastery of St. Dionysios. The large relic at top is from St. Paraskevi, and the smaller one at bottom from St. Prokopios.

Above is a photo of Ioannis, Metropolitan of Lagada and Exarch of Central Macedonia, with a few of the clergy from Vespers on Tuesday night.

This is me with Elly, our neokoros, and Nikos and Panayiotis, two of the members of our parish council, after Vespers.

From the Divine Liturgy on Wednesday morning.

Metropolitan Ioannis before the Great Entrance.

The Great Entrance, as seen from the women's balcony above. You can see just the first part of the line of priests. You can just see me at the very bottom.

Paul hanging out in the church with his godfather, Paris.

This is from the end of the Liturgy, when Fr. Alexis thanked the bishop for celebrating the feast with us. You can see me in the forefront on the right.

These are our parish's relics, which were also on display for veneration along with the relics of Sts. Paraskevi and Prokopios. In the center is St. George. In the top left (going clockwise) is: Sts. Theodore, Arsenios, Evgenia, and Barbara.

For a few more photos from Paris, click here.

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