Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Election Day

Sunday was Election Day in Greece, and, boy, do the Greeks love their politics! You could really say that it's the national pastime, or at least it becomes so in the condensed election season.

In order to avoid any perception that the Greek priests in our parish were advocating for one party or another, or one candidate or another, Fr. Alexis and Fr. Panayiotis thought it best to let me give the homily this Sunday. I managed to limit myself to a very digestible 8 minutes on the Gospel reading of the day. Apparently, my Greek was fairly decent as well. Preaching in my native language will be a breeze after this!

After Liturgy, I went for a coffee with my Serbian friend Danica and her friend, Igor, who was in Thessaloniki for a visit. The weather has been beautiful this week, so we went out to play with the babies in the yard. Igor took a couple nice photos. Above is Benjamin and below Paul, as played a little soccer.

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