Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Russia Revisited

Another member of the Friends of Mount Athos who accompanied us on our trip to Russia this summer, John Arnell, kindly spent the time to collect photographs and sounds from our trip. I, in turn, have posted them on the internet so that everyone can see them. I also managed to make, after some trial and error, a video of the photographs and sounds he collected.

The photographs, 410 in all, are from John and his wife Jenny, as well as Peter Lea and Philip Oswald. In the links below, you can click to see each collection of photographs separately. There is also a link to the video, which has all 410 photographs together, in chronological order (i.e., not divided according to photographer). Each photographs displays for 3 seconds, making the video just over 20 minutes long. The four recordings John made from our trip are played in the background, some being repeated to cover the time.

The photos here are just a few I picked out from the 410 because they happened to have me in them. :)

The photo above was taken on the second day of our trip to Russia in August, at the men's monastery of the Resurrection in Uglich. For more, see my original post here.

Here is a nice photo of our group, or at least some of it.

The photos above and below here were taken on Saturday, August 28, at the Dormition Cathedral inside the Moscow Kremlin, where we celebrated the Liturgy with the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. For more, see my original post here.

To watch the video, click here. I suggest that, unless you have a dreadfully slow internet connection, you click on the word "Large" in order to get the highest resolution display. Also at the bottom right hand corner of the photo there should be an icon to click that makes the video fill your whole screen. Also note that you can download the video by clicking the download button alone the top of the screen. The video is being hosted on a pay site to which I currently have a free trial membership, so it will probably only be available until about Christmas. The links to see the photos by themselves are below.

For photos from John and Jenny Arnell, click here.

For photos from Peter Lea, click here.

For photos from Philip Oswald, click here.

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