Thursday, December 09, 2010

Babies at Play

This morning at church, I saw my friend Fr. Panayiotis' wife, Presvytera Despoina, and she mentioned to me that she was eager to see more photos of the babies on the blog. I imagine the grandparents need a "fix" too, so here are some photos from the last two weeks of the babies playing around town.

The weather has been surprisingly warm, so we've been able to be outside quite a bit. In the photo above, we took the babies to a nice new park just down the hill from us in a new section of Panorama called the "nomos." Paul is the biggest climber of the three, and here he managed to climb the rope net up to the top.

Benjamin is honing his skills with utensils and thus really likes feeding himself. Here he's enjoying some delicious Greek yogurt.

One day, we took the babies to a store here in Panorama where they have all sorts of games and activities for the kids. Usually these places require the kids to be 3 or 4, but since there was no one else there at the time we went, they let the babies in. Although usually their staff play with the babies while the parents can sit and have a coffee, they let Pelagia come into the play area so that the babies wouldn't be so shy about using the toys, such as this huge slide. Here you can see Pelagia at the top, and that blur is Phoebe coming down the slide. To the right, you can see Paul climbing up to the top for his turn.

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