Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Souroti with the Tishels

On Sunday afternoon, our friend and fellow American student here, Michael Tishel, brought his mom up to our house for a visit. His parents are in Thessaloniki visiting, but unfortunately his father was down and out with a cold so he opted out in order to keep a safe distance from the babies (thank you!).

Pelagia made a nice lunch, as always, including some of her famous peppermint cheesecake. Paul couldn't get enough of it, and in the photo above he is demanding more from his godfather.

After lunch, we took Mike and his mom to visit the women's monastery founded by Elder Paisios in Souroti. The photo above was taken at the entrance to the newer church dedicated to St. Arsenios the Cappadocian.

Vespers was being held at the older church dedicated to St. John the Theologian. Here we are walking to the back of the monastery to reach the church. Mike's mom, Presvytera Paula is holding Paul, and Mike is holding Phoebe.

Here we are in front of the church, just as Vespers was beginning.

Like many monasteries in Greece, there is a loudspeaker system so that people can sit outside the church in the courtyard and here the service. The babies found that the best place for them was in the courtyard's water fountain, as you can see above.

Here the boys found a gate they weren't supposed to go through, so naturally they were trying to figure out how to open it. Eventually, Paul just crawled through.

Presbytera Paula in the courtyard outside the main church. In the background, a line waits to venerate the grave of Elder Paisios.

Here are the boys on the ride home.

Here's Paul and his godfather, Paris, at our house after we got back.

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