Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Parents' Visit

Well, my parents just left after visiting us for a couple weeks here. Unfortunately, the weather was really rainy basically the whole time they were here, but that left plenty of time to just play with the babies inside.

Above, you can see Phoebe's new favorite activity -- looking at a book of photos of animals. She loves animals, and she loves for someone to tell her the names of the animals she's pointing at. She especially liked for my mom to read the book to her.

One day, in between the rain drops, we went into downtown Thessaloniki and had a coffee up in the rotating OTE tower, which provides a panoramic view of the city and the water. Above, you can see Phoebe eating one of the cookies that came with the coffees, while Thessaloniki's waterfront spins by below.

Here, my dad was helping Paul and Phoebe have a drink up in the OTE tower. In the background is the very center of Thessaloniki.

Here are my dad and Phoebe as we walked back to the car.

Another day, while I had some work, Pelagia and my parents took the babies to the Thessaloniki zoo. Here they are in a group shot outside the zoo.

Another attempted group shot outside the zoo.

On another clear afternoon, we managed to get outside and enjoy our yard. The clouds were interesting, so Pelagia laid down and tried to show them to the babies. They, of course, enjoyed climbing on her more.

All the babies like the pomegranates that grow on our tree. They're all ripe now, so here's Phoebe going to pick a low-hanging one off the tree.

And here she is enjoying it.

For more photos, click here.

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