Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Babies Around Town

Last week, just before my parents came, our friend Angela came over to play with the babies and let us go out and run some errands. We took Paul with us for some special one-on-one time. In the photo above, Paul is walking up and down the ramp into the Rotunda, which was built in 299 and served as a Christian church beginning in the early 4th century.

Here's Paul playing at the entrance to the Rotunda. He found a puddle in a small hole in the marble that he was sticking his foot into.

Pelagia met us there at the entrance and brought a toy she had found at Thessaloniki new (and only) second-hand store (which is a new concept in Greece). It's a wooden click-clack toy that the babies can pull behind them with a rope. They seem especially taken with this kind of toy these days. Paul tried it out here on the well-worn stones outside the Rotunda.

On another day, we took the babies shopping at Carrefour, which is sort of the French Walmart. The babies love riding in the toy vehicles. Here, Paul is preparing to defend Greece in the Greek army.

Here are the babies playing in the new backyard one sunny afternoon last week. The pomegranates on the tree are ripe -- so ripe, in fact, that they're splitting open on the tree. So the babies got to try some last week, and they love them.

Here, Argo is interested in sharing some of Paul's pomegranate.

These photos are from after my parents arrived. A couple days ago, while Pelagia was still working on her painting project, we took the babies to the mall, to have some place to walk around outside the rain. Of course, they love the big water fountain. On the opposite end of it here, you can see my mom and two of the babies.

As we walked around the mall, they keenly spotted the toy vehicles and wanted to get in. Here all three of them are driving, with my parents on the side.

For a couple more photos, click here.

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