Monday, October 04, 2010

Extreme Yard Make-Over

Pelagia has been hard at work renovating the yard for the last several weeks, in the hopes of making it more fun for the babies. Her dream was to have some nice grass (which is in short supply in any city, but particularly Greek cities) in the back yard.

Some devout parishioners somehow found out about this and insisted on helping Pelagia make this a reality for the babies. After we had cleared the central space of our yard (see above), they arranged for someone to come in and lay down sod (see below).

This night-and-day difference occurred, literally, overnight.

Here is a photo from the babies' first time playing on the grass. You can see in the background next to the pomegranate tree that they had been on the grass and had gotten all the plastic planters out and spread them around. In the photos above and below, they were up on the balcony looking down at their new yard.

This is just a nice photo that I caught the next day just after these two woke up from their afternoon siesta, and just before they headed out to play in the grass.

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