Friday, October 08, 2010

Babies at Play

Here are a couple shots of the babies playing in their new yard this week. In the photo above, the boys are honing their soccer skills.

Here they are playing with mom and a bunch of plastic planters next to the pomegranate tree.

On Tuesday afternoon, we met our friend Kalliopi and her son Michael at a park in Panorama called Platanakia. It has woods, hiking trails, and a small zoo along with a cafe. Here the babies are in the swinging seat.

Here's Benjamin driving the rocket ship. The great thing is that the babies actually like these toys more without putting in coins for them to move. In the background, you can see the cafe overlooking the stream, and some ducks just beyond the bridge.

Here Paul is driving the big truck and trying to grab my camera, while his friend Michael rides the horse and looks on in the background.

Here's everyone feeding the goats some of our stale bread.

And here's Phoebe riding the Harley.

For a few more photos from the day, click here.

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