Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Greek Class

I'm really fascinated now by YouTube and how easy it is to have a video play right from this page, so I've been looking for chances to make other short videos around here.

I found an opportunity today in Greek class. I tried to record the video as surreptitiously as I could, but at least one classmate caught on (as you'll see him wave to the camera). My goal was to give you a glimpse of the majority of my life this year -- spent inside this little classroom with these classmates.

The video is only 71 seconds long, and the audio didn't come out that well. This is taken on my simple, relatively old digital camera that I use for everything else, so maybe it's just the camera. I'll have to experiment and see if the audio quality improves in other situations. Feel free to post some feedback...

Anyway, the video begins on one of our two teachers (they each teach half-time) and then pans around the classroom, ending finally on me. Then it rolls back to our teacher, Kyria Lina, who in true Greek fashion, is still searching through her unorganized pile of papers for something.

We were going over an exercise which (for some reason) was about the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gregarin. If you figure out what else we were talking about, let me know. ( ;

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