Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bright Friday Barbeque

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It’s been back to work since we returned from Patmos. Pelagia is doing some painting work next door at the Lillies, and we’re still working in the yard – currently on a joint vegetable patch with the Lillies.

Greek classes resume tomorrow, so on Friday we relaxed a little with a barbeque at our house. Our friends from downtown came up, as well as the Lillies, as I learned how to grill in Greece. (Warning: the charcoal here is VERY different!)

The weather was gorgeous – sunny with a high in the low 70s.

In the top photo, Brendan and Philip are supervising the grilling process.

The second photo is of everyone sitting around on the porch, with Rob playing the guitar on the left.

The third photo is of Marina, baby Emilia, and Pelagia.

And the bottom photo is of Marina and Brendan on the porch as the sunset over the Thessaloniki and the gulf. (Since we technically live in the ‘sub-basement,’ we don’t have a great view of the city and water, but you can see it when you stand on your tip-toes!)

If you're interested, more photos of our barbeque are available here.

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papa herman said...

BBQ's rock!
I enjoy seeing the photos.