Friday, April 13, 2007

Great Saturday Morning

On Great Saturday morning, we went again to the Cave of the Apocalypse (which is a small church, surrounded by a monastery) with Rob. Afterwards, we kept walking down the old footpath to Skala to explore and get groceries.

The top photo is of me at the entrance to the cave.

The middle photo is just of a picturesque house that we passed on the edge of Skala.

In Skala, Rob rented a scooter (we were not able to – at the stores in Skala – because of the typically insane Greek bureaucracy). In good Patmian style, we then loaded up his scooter with food from the grocery store, while we hiked back up the hill.

A note on the scooters: Because many of the roads are so narrow, most people have scooters, and they are able to do amazing things with them. We frequently saw three people on a small scooter, or a dog riding on a scooter, or a grocery-delivery scooter with bags hanging from the handles and 20 big bottles of water between the legs.

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