Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Killing Time in Athens

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After the Acropolis and the Areopagus, we wandered around for some exercise before our seven-hour ferry ride left at 7 PM.

In the top photo, Philip (in foreground) and Rob look at some of the tacky tourist gifts available.

(Rob, by the way, is beginning a PhD in music here in Thessaloniki. He came over as a Southern Baptist on a missionary trip and is now converting to Orthodoxy. He made what promises to be a great video of our trip, which I will try to make available online as soon as it’s ready.)

The second photo is from Plaka, a 3000-year old neighborhood in Athens.

The bottom photo is just great: A McDonalds in Athens advertising McSarakosti, which means “McLent.” They offered shrimp and veggie burger dishes for the fasting season. Only in Greece!!

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Susan said...

you do such a great job of taking pictures of Greece. You really capture the essence.
I am enjoying reading your impressions!