Thursday, September 15, 2011

Visit to St. Herman's in Platina, CA

I also had a chance during my trip to the US in July to visit St. Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina, CA for a few days. This also was part of my research for my doctorate, which I am happy to say is near completion (and which explains why there has been so little activity on the blog lately).

Another parishioner from St. John the Wonderworker accompanied me on this drive, which took about seven hours from Eugene. Above, you can see our view of Mt. Shasta in northern California from a rest stop.

At Platina, we got to see Fr. Seraphim Rose's cell. Each of the monks has his own small, simple little hut, which are spread out over the mountainside. As you can see from the photo above, Fr. Seraphim had a small bell on a tree not far from his cell. The custom was to ring it and say loudly "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me" as one approached his cell, so that he would be aware someone was coming.

Walking into Fr. Seraphim's simple cell, which was constructed from old mining cabins from the area's gold rush days in the 19th century.

Fr. Damascene lived in the cell for many years, but it is now empty. The mattress you see on the tiny bed is from Fr. Damascene. Fr. Seraphim slept directly on the wood.

Fr. Herman's cell, closer to the top of the ridge.

The entrance to the monastery.

The main church.

Fr. Seraphim's grave.

One of the old printing presses they used to print the first issues of The Orthodox Word and many of their other publications and translations.

One morning, we travelled over to the nearby St. Xenia's Skete to celebrate the Divine Liturgy for the sisters. Above is a photo of their main church.

Above, barely visible, is one of the nuns' original, spartan cells.

The nuns' outdoor chapel area.

For more photos of the trip, click here.

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Jesse said...

Fr. bless,

Thank you for this wonderful posting and pictures. I am curious as to what your doctorate work is about and how St. Herman's factors in. I am doing a thesis on Fr. Seraphim Rose for my Masters of Divinity degree from St. Tikhon's Seminary in Pennsylvania, and I thought perhaps there might be some good overlap between our papers. Please email me at Thank you so much Father!