Monday, September 19, 2011

Crater Lake

On the way back to Eugene from Platina, we arranged to stop by Crater Lake to watch sunrise there. The elevation is about 7,100 feet, so even in July there was still snow blocking part of the road that runs around the crater. It was especially cold at sunrise, but it was all worth it. It's a truly beautiful place.

Here you can see Wizard Island in the middle of the lake.

The only building on the top of the mountain is the Crater Lake Lodge. I've heard you need to book reservations a year in advance in order to spend a night there. (It's only open during the summer months; the roads are impassable during the winter.)

There's one place with a trail down to the lake itself, so we climbed down there. During the summer, they have boat tours on the lake.

For many more amazing photos, click here.

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