Sunday, May 09, 2010

Pelagia's Birthday

On Saturday, we celebrated Pres. Pelagia's birthday with Divine Liturgy in the morning followed by a coffee with the babies and a few of our friends.

In the afternoon, we went downtown to meet our friends Justin and Kalliopi (and their 15-month-old son Michael) at a new Indian restaurant that I recently discovered in a hidden alley.

The babies had their first taste of Indian food (even some stuff with a little spice like tandoori chicken) and seemed to like it.

In the photo above, Pelagia and Kalliopi are letting the babies try a little plain Indian bread called chapati.

The two waitresses at the restaurant were wonderful with the babies, letting them crawl all over the place. The woman above is from Bangladesh.

Michael is trying to get Paul to give him a high five.

After Indian food, we walked over to Ble, Pelagia's favorite sweet shop, for some ice cream. In the photo above, we're trying to decide what to get.

Then we went next door to the courtyard of a little 1000-year-old church to eat our ice cream and let the babies crawl around. The church is sunk about 10 feet below the city's current street level, so it acts as sort of a contained area in which to corral the babies.

Kalliopi and Michael.

Phoebe and Benjamin playing around the side of the church.

Kalliopi and Phoebe walk around the back of the church.


Here's Benjamin getting strapped on to Pelagia's back for the walk back to the car.

For more photos, click here.

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