Monday, May 17, 2010

The American Farm School

On Sunday afternoon, we went down to the American Farm School in nearby Thermi for a fair that was organized by a group of international women living in Thessaloniki. The school has a lot of green space and a nice church in the middle, and the women had set up things for kids like face-painting, tug-of-war, etc. It was a nice break for me, because Sundays are particularly busy lately -- it's a popular time of year for baptisms and weddings. This past Sunday we had baptisms for two sets of twins after the Liturgy.

Above you can see Paul with his godfather Paris at the Farm School, which produces fresh milk, eggs, turkeys, etc. The church is in the background.

Playing around the olive trees.

The whole family.

The babies think it's fun to hang upside down.

Something is wrong with the mechanism I have for posting the rest of the photos on Facebook, so they're here again.

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