Thursday, May 06, 2010

Greek Wedding

On Sunday evening, our koumbaros, Paris, became a koumbaros again, this time as he married a young couple who attend one of Panorama's monasteries.

The wedding took place at a large church dedicated to The Three Hierarchs downtown, and Fr. Alexios and I both participated. Afterwards, we picked up our presbyteras from Panorama and went to the reception for awhile. Pelagia's friend Sophie agreed to stay at the house while the babies slept.

It's become the tradition for all the wedding photos to take place immediately after the wedding service and before the reception, and for some reason this takes several hours. In practice, this means that the wedding party usually arrives very late to their own reception, as many people are finishing their meals!

Even with the economic crisis, the Greeks know how to celebrate. There was a live band playing traditional Greek music (we were told that some of it was Greek Vlach music, inspired by either the bride's or the groom's heritage), and then the dancing started. Above, you can see Pres. Georgia trying to teach Pres. Pelagia.

During the dancing, a woman (an employee) stands in the middle of the dance floor holding trays of flowers. Dancers can then buy a tray of flowers to throw on the ground.

Until recently, we were told, they would break great stacks of plates specially made just for breaking, and workers would circle around the dance floor with brooms sweeping them up.

Here we are with our koumbaros outside the reception hall.

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