Monday, May 24, 2010

The Babies This Week

On Wednesday, Pelagia blew up some balloons for the babies, and they loved them. Paul loved his so much, in fact, that he insisted on taking it with him for his nap -- and then sleeping on it!

When Pelagia moved him off the balloon, he still wanted to at least keep his hand on it.

It was a very busy weekend for me, with Soul Saturday, Pentecost, and then the Day of the Holy Spirit today. In Greece, Holy Spirit Day is a national holiday, and the Pontian Greeks (who have a strong presence in Panorama and northern Greece in general) in particular have the custom of visiting the graves of their loved ones and commemorating them. Our parish has a small church in the town's cemetery dedicated to the Holy Trinity and we celebrated Liturgy there on Saturday morning and this morning, followed by several hours each day of reading Trisagion prayers for people.

Anyway, on Sunday, we had a nice break by going to Fr. Alexi's house for lunch. Afterwards, as you can see in the photo above, Paris and Paul took on Fr. Alexi's son Nektarios in a game of soccer. Then, as you can see below, the babies played soccer. They love kicking the ball around (with a little help, of course).

After lunch, Pelagia and I took them to the park at the dam.

The ducks came out of the pond and over into the park area looking for food, so the babies go to see them up close and chase them.

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