Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today, I celebrated two years since my fateful ordination to the diaconate by celebrating the Divine Liturgy with some of the kids at the Apostle Paul school. I thought I'd extend the celebration to you all on the blog by putting up something besides my appeal for money. :)

Above is a photo from last week of our Greek yiayia (grandma) and landlady Kyria Maria holding the two peanuts -- Benjamin (left) and Phoebe (right).

On Sunday afternoon, our Serbian friend Maya came again to help out with the babies. The weather was nice, so we headed out on our afternoon walk. As soon as we got outside, we could hear that there was a soccer game up in the woods above our house, so we walked up there first. Above, you can see Maya cuddling Phoebe in her cute purple monster outfit.

Here Pelagia and Paul are watching the game.

With the boys.

Phoebe and Maya swinging, as another Serbian friend of ours, Branislav, looks on.

Branislav feeding Paul at bedtime.

Since Rebecca left, our neighbor Ann has been helping out a lot with the babies. Here she is with the boys.

This is one of those photos that would make a good album cover when they come out with a record.


Phoebe playing with a big teddy-bear that Paris' parents gave the babies a couple week ago.

The babies got to practice sitting in a high chair this week. They're not actually eating anything -- just chewing on spoons. Here it was Phoebe's turn.

For more photos, click here and here.

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Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog, but had not come on to see it for a while. When I came back to your blog, I could not believe how fast the little ones are growing! God Bless them!