Friday, December 21, 2007

Ordination to the Diaconate

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Sunday morning was the big day. It snowed during the night, so the first thing was to scrape the snow and ice off the windshield of the car to get to the ordination. ( ;

The service was wonderful. As usual, the church inside the Theology School was PACKED full of people, especially students. Aside from Bishop Maxim, there were 6 priests and a deacon.

The top photo is of Bishop Maxim at the altar, and me in front of the icon. My part was basically to wash the bishop’s hands twice and to stand in front of the icons and PRAY.

The second photo was during the Dance of Isaiah, when the candidate kisses each corner of the Holy Altar three times.

The third photo is of the actual ordination prayers, and the fourth photo is immediately after a brief homily that Bishop Maxim gave at the end of the service.

See our diocese’s official website here for more photos and Bp Maxim’s translation of the homily he gave.

For many more photos from my camera, click here. (One of the priests serving took the camera from Pelagia and took some very nice photos from inside the altar.)

For some photos from the camera of our hosts, Nebojsa and Lepa, click here.


Anonymous said...

axios! axios! axios!
congrats! we were in yakima for a wedding in september (my god-daughter's wedding). we stayed with your brother in law and sister in law. it was fun:)

ps. it won't let me log in with my blogger account so i have to sign in anonymously. i'm christina from portland or. blogger address is

Kevin said...

Dear Deacon Gregory,
Axios! Axios! Axios!
May God grant you many years!
Congratulations on your ordination.
Your pictures brought back fond memories of my ordination.
Dn Kevin Kalish