Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Babies' First Sunday Communion

The next day after the baptism, Sunday, the babies got to go again for Holy Communion. In the morning, as they were getting ready, Anastasia was playing with Paul, and he seemed to smile for the first time (see above).

Everyone walked to church. Here you can see James carrying his godson, Benjamin, and Pres. Pelagia carrying a baby. Pres. Sophia, Anastasia, and our friend Angela's daughter, Sophie, also helped.

Here they arrive in the back of the church, and everyone is happy to see the babies and say "Axios" to the new godparents.

Paul's godfather brings him for Holy Communion.

Benjamin with his godfather.

Phoebe with her godmother.

James, Anastasia, Pres. Pelagia, the babies, and Sophie at the front door to our apartment building. James hosted a BBQ at his house for lunch to celebrate.

For more photos, see here.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a joyous week !
It must be wonderful to to be able to walk to church; We live 45 minutes drive from our nearest church...