Sunday, August 23, 2009

Babies at the Beach

After the monastery, since it was such a hot day and we were so close to the shore, we decided to head over to the little town of Metamorfosi (the Transfiguration), which is located on the second leg of Halkidiki. Even Pelagia and I had never been to the beaches of the second leg, which are reportedly more natural and even more beautiful than the beaches of the first leg, which is closer to Thessaloniki.

In the photo above, Anastasia is strapping in Phoebe, with Benjamin on her other side.

Here the girls and the babies are wading in the water, with Paris sitting on the dock taking a photo.

Here Paris took a photo of all of us. I was talking to a man who approached us, curious about the triplets. The two little girls in the water also came over to see the babies.

Here I'm putting Benjamin's feet in for his first time in the ocean. :)

Here Pelagia is holding Phoebe as the suns sets on the water.

We then headed back home, having had a wonderful day out.

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