Monday, August 03, 2009

The Babies' Big Outing

After the babies' churching, we decided to celebrate with a small outing from the house after 40 days inside. Inasmuch as it was also Thomas' last day in Greece, Pres. Sophia took us all for a small bite to eat at the lovely cafe/restaurant next to our house called Villa Luna. As you can see in the photos above, it has a gorgeous view over Thessaloniki and the Thermaikos Gulf. In the second photo above, Paul and Benjamin are sharing space inside the stroller.

In the photo below, even our dog, Argos, got in on the family photo.

The photo at bottom is from lunch on Thursday with our neighbors, the Lillies. As it was the last day for meat and cheese before the fast, the Lillies treated us to a BBQ. All the babies are also in one the photo -- one strapped to me, one strapped to Pres. Pelagia, and one in Pelagia's lap.

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