Saturday, August 01, 2009

Tuesday in Thessaloniki with the Family

On Tuesday, Thomas' last full day in Greece, we headed back for Day 2 of the tour of Thessaloniki.

This time we started at the Rotunda, the mausoleum built for the Emperor Galerius around 300. Ironically, this building for Galerius, who persecuted the Christians, was never used by him, but was instead turned into a church dedicated to St. George just a few years later. It is now the oldest Christian church in Greece, although it was not originally built as a church. You can see us approaching it from the back in the photo above.

We toured, we snacked, and we shopped. At one point, we stopped at the famous Electra Palace, reportedly the most expensive hotel in Thessaloniki at at least 300 euro/night, and went up to the rooftop garden for a coffee. Here are Presvytera Sophia, Thomas, and Ana up there, with the water in the background.

Here we are in Aristotle Square, posing with Aristotle himself.

We walked over to the White Tower, but it was just closing. It was closed for several years for renovation and only reopened in the last year or so. I still haven't been inside. Here we are outside it.

We then headed over to the ruins of the palace of Galerius. Here I am looking like a tour guide.

We then took an ice cream break and sat in the courtyard of the tiny chapel dedicated to the Tranfiguration, located 15 feet or so under the current street level.

Finally we stopped to venerate the wonder-working icon of Panagia Dexia, and then headed back home to Panorama to prepare to take the babies to church for the 40-days prayers. (Photos of that forthcoming!)

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