Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Day in Panorama

The first short video clip is from the Divine Liturgy on Christmas morning, at our local parish here in Panorama, St George’s. Pelagia took this video from the balcony of me doing a litany.

The bottom photo and video are from the Christmas party we hosted at our house on the evening of Christmas Day. We had friends—about 12 or 15 Americans and Greeks—over to our house for drinks, desserts, and a White Elephant gift exchange. One of our friends, Herman Middleton, organized a sing-along of Christmas songs. After we sang some American songs, we asked our Greek friends to sing some Greek Christmas carols. In the bottom video, our friend Nektarios, the son of a Byzantine music professor at the university here, sings one of these beautiful songs.

I have to comment here just briefly on how profound communal singing can be. We’ve noticed that it is an integral part of the culture both in Serbia and here. It has quite a unifying effect on the community. It’s a shame our American culture doesn’t do more of it!

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