Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hiking with the Dog

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It’s been cold here, but today it was relatively sunny, so we decided to take the dog, Argo, for a hike this afternoon. We went to Platanakia, a natural area just outside Panorama (about 5 minutes from our house by car).
This was Argo’s first time off the leash. He had been beaten as a very small puppy and had a whole host of issues, including a tendency to run away. But Pelagia has been working with him very patiently, and he’s improved tremendously. We decided he was ready for a hike, off the leash, today.

He was pretty nervous about the new atmosphere, but quickly realized that he liked it a lot. (It was nice for us to get out, too!)

We hiked for just over an hour before heading back.

I think the photos pretty much explain themselves. The last one was taken along a stream, as we headed back to the car.

If you’re really bored and want to see more photos, click here.

As for what we’ve been up to—more of the same. I’ve been very busy translating and reading for my dissertation. Translating is going really well—I now have more work offers than I can do! What a nice problem to have!

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